Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Certified Hit: Reel Love presents, Tween Hearts

The most popular teen show of GMA-7 today is undoubtedly Reel love presents: Tween Hearts. This youth oriented show started last year, September 26, 2010 and it is supposed to run for one season only. However the show got high rating and so many viewers that it was extended and extended again, thus the show still runs up to now. A proof of its immense popularity is the fact that a movie based on the show is recently shown, the Tween Academy: Class of 2012.

Catch Reel Love presents, Tween Hearts at GMA-7 every Sunday afternoon, after Party Pilipinas. Here are some info about this hit TV show:

Synopsis: The story revolves around teenagers Bambi, Belinda, Josh, Jacob, Chris, Aya, Leslie, Luisa and Rick as they try to survive a boot camp after being caught at a school party.

Cast of Tween Hearts

Original cast            

Barbie Forteza as Bambi Fortes
Joshua Dionisio as Josh Diones
Bea Binene as Belinda Fortes
Jake Vargas as Jacob Vergara
Joyce Ching as Ligaya "Aya" Baltazar
Kristofer Martin as Chris Soriano
Lexi Fernandez as Leslie Fernan
Louise delos Reyes as Louisa
Derick Monasterio as Rick Montano

Supporting cast       
Sylvia Sanchez as Irena
Roxanne Barcelo as Miss Rose
Gabby Eigenman as Coach
Emilio Garcia as Ted

Extended cast       
John Miguel "Marlowe" Pamintuan as Uno
Kylie Padilla as Heidi
Ynna Asistio as Yza
Princess Snell as Vanessa
Jhoana Marie Tan as Tracy
Krystal Reyes as Mallory
Hiro Magalona as Ian
Yassi Pressman as Eunice
Ken Chan as Mackenzie
Kim Komatsu as Angel Villanueva
Rhen Escano as Lucy Villanueva
Teejay Marquez as Nathan/Aris
Alden Richards as Dennis

Barbie Forteza as Bambi
Bambi is the all-around sweetheart who is finally reunited with her mom and older sister Belinda after many years of separation.

Bea Binene as Belinda
Belinda is the tough chick and the total opposite of her younger sister Bambi. Her differences with her younger sister trigger a competition for their mother’s attention.

Joshua Dionisio as Josh
Josh is an over-achiever, but is rebellious towards her older sister Rose’s rules. Nothing can get in his way, except for Bambi who has a way of softening his heart and strong personality.

Jake Vargas as Jacob
Jacob is known to be the outcast in school, who loves music. He becomes Belinda’s confidant, but eventually develops special feelings for her.

Kristoffer Martin as Chris
Chris is the famous jock and the ex-boyfriend of Leslie. Aya becomes the apple of his eye.

Joyce Ching as Aya
Aya is a nerd who’d rather talk to plants than to people in a belief that this would keep problems away. She has weird views on things that will eventually catch Chris’ attention.

Lexi Fernandez as Leslie
Leslie is the popular cheerleader, who makes extra efforts to win back his ex-boyfriend Chris.

Louise delos Reyes as Luisa
Luisa is the achiever, straight A student, and valedictorian of her batch. She is set to be the top student of the school, creating a battle between her and Rick.

Derek Monasterio as Rick
Rick is a born-leader. He is everyone’s friend, which is why he will be in a never-ending battle with Luisa.

Roxanne Barcelo as Rose
Rose is the older sister of Josh who assumes authority in his younger brother’s life.

Sylvia Sanchez as Irene
Irene is the loving mother of Bambi and Belinda who has a big heart for her two daughters.

Emilio Garcia as Ted
Ted is the father of Bambi who gave her a simple life in the province.


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